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35: Let's Create a Bird Union with Audubon for All!

June 30, 2021 Bird Sh*t Podcast Season 2 Episode 5
Bird Sh*t Podcast
35: Let's Create a Bird Union with Audubon for All!
Show Notes

We hope you're ready for some tea. The National Audubon Society is front and center of a lot of important conversations regarding race, inclusivity, and equality—both in the workplace and the great outdoors.

In the past few months, the majority of Audubon’s employees have declared that they want to form a union to protect employee’s rights and have a seat at the table. Some Audubon employees have formed Audubon for All, the official name for the union at the National Audubon Society. But, sadly, they have run into some roadblocks with The Audubon Society's executive leadership, who still refuse to recognize the union. Cue the corporate bullsh*t.

We sit down with Tykee James and Sharon Bruce, two Audubon Society employees and backers of Audubon for All. They share more about the union, their goals, their struggles, and the uneven playing field between the Audubon Society's executive leadership and on-the-ground employees.

Plus, some listeners share what bird they would want to be and why! 



Follow (and support!) the Audubon for All union on Instagram (@audubonforall) and Twitter. Make sure you sign their letter of support! You can also tweet @AudubonSociety and tell them to get it together. 


• Barn Owl
• American White Pelican
• Common Raven
• Chimney Swift
• Carolina Wren
• Emu
• Cassowary
• Black Hawk-Eagle
• Golden Eagle
• Loggerhead Shrike
• Killdeer
• Pigeons (always pigeons)

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